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The Red World

Welcome to Deshret

Deshret is the main city of the Red World. It may remind you of ancient Hellenistic times in the Mediterranean region -- ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and Rome. The city is split into four main parts -- the Market, the Temple Dune, the Old Sector, and the New Sector.


The Market:

Welcome to the Market, where you will find every ware the Red World has to offer! Ripe pomegranate fruit, red clay pots, ruby and garnet headdresses, rose-gold daggers, grilled ostrich and zebra on a stick -- anything you could want to buy!  


Old Sector:

Here you will find the richest, fanciest aristocrats in town. Everybody whose anybody owns a few bungalows and villas in the Old Sector. So come and enjoy flowing oasis fountains, comfortable courtyard lounges, and ancient Egyptian architecture at its very best. 


New Sector:

The New Sector looks anything but new. Its grecian pillars and arches are crumbling. It looks more like a home for ghosts than people. The only people who do live there are the Centurions, a people driven to poverty by a decade old struggle between those that worship the Life God and those that worship the Death God. There are rumors that some of the Centurion population are loyal to the rebel Rex-Centuri, so be careful here. An unsuspecting visitor would be perfect target for Rex-Centuri witches.


Temple Dune:

Atop a great dune at the end of the main avenue stands the Temple, a pyramid palace where the Pharaoh lives. Be careful though. This Pharaoh has a short temper, and a tall order against intruders.


The Jungle:

In the deep red jungle, you will find every kind of danger from wild animals and poisonous plants to Deities and the Death God. Emer has to watch her step here if she wants to get out alive. You should watch yours, too.



Are there other cities and civilizations beyond the sandy desert? Shigeru finds himself wondering the same thing. We'll just have to find out in later books!







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