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The Green World

Green -- A Two-Toned World

So, we all know Emer Bogwater comes from the Green World. We know there is a village there called...well...Village. And we know it is surrounded by a massive wall called the Braid, made of hundreds of gnarled tree trunks all grown together in a tangled mass. But what else do we know about the Green World? What lies beyond the Braid? 



Village is where you will find all the humans of the Green World. You won't really find much else. There's lots of celtic huts and sheep and rolling, but Emer quickly got bored of the rustic life here and escaped to cross the Braid.


The Forest:

The forest is a place full of dark thorns, mystery, and...something else. Emer found herself running from some kind of giant praying mantis thing on her way to the Red World. Maybe there is something more in the night thorn trees. Maybe is we go back, we can find the forest fae.  


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