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About the Author

Valerie Wicks is a Los Angeles based writer. Seven Spectral: Into the Red World is her first full-length novel.

​​My name is Valerie Wicks and I love worlds, characters and stories. I have a degree in filmmaking, and worked for several years in the video game industry as a producer. My mission in life is to entertain you! :) I want you to have fun, expand your imagination, dive deep into a world you've never seen with characters you trust. Growing up, that experience meant more to me than anything. I will never forget the journey I went on in the books, movies, and games of my life. In a way they built me -- with the help of my beautiful family and friends. My hope is to give a gift to you. I want to give you something you loved and lived. If you like worlds, characters and stories, maybe that can happen today. 

For those of you who want to know the technical details:

My influences include authors like J.K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman, movies like Hook and Spirited Away, shows like Doctor Who and Parks and Recreation, and video games like Chrono Trigger and Portal.

I'm from Marietta, Georgia and I've been writing fantasy since my fingers could reach the keyboard. I'm still growing as a writer every day out here in Los Angeles. I'll never stop, because I can't. It must be some kind of condition.

I have always wanted to create stories. I've gone down many avenues to this end, but I'm finding that the best way to share my tales with the world is through novels.

Last year I went home to Atlanta for a visit and discovered some floppy disks containing fragments of seven different stories I had written as a child. Each was set in a different colored world. The writing reeked and the spelling...well...I wrote it when I was ten. But I still loved the idea so much that I brought it back to Los Angeles. A year later, I finished my first book. So, I suppose it was my dream of realizing the world inside my inner-child that started me on this author's journey. Children see in bursts of color and ignite dreams on a whim. It's now my job as an adult to harness that magic and keep the fire burning.

I've worked in film, video games, and publishing. A story is a story at the root of it, and there are so many ways to tell one. Each medium comes with its own unique set of thrills. So, why not see what this series has to offer you? Who knows, you might experience something you never have before.



So many different people got me to this point, and I would like to give them some thanks. Time to roll the credits!

Emotional Support:

My loving family!

My exceptional friends!


Orange Book Editor:

Leslie Lang





Charles Ingram

Colby Walburn

Andrew Adams

Christa Markley

Traci Alexander

Jeffrey Moon



Andrew Adams
Charles Ingram
Christa Markley
Colby Walburn

Coleman Wicks​
Eddie Kim
Jenni Townsend
Joanna Truman
Joe Craig
Matthew Hartwell
Renola Wicks

Advertising/Promotion/Website/Social Networking:

Tanya Wlodarczyk

Cicely Wicks




Cinematography: Jacob Abrams
VFX: Charles Ingram
Actors: Richard Centeno and Katie McClave



Cinematography: Jacob Abrams
VFX: Dastoli Digital and Charles Ingram
Actress: Rebecca Jensen
Voice: Jenny Brown

Sound: Jenni Townsend

Cover/Logo/Poster/Website Art:

Charles Ingram
Sam Design by: Victoria Tao



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