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The LA Times Festival of Books is a great place to take the family to catch up on all the latest in the literary world while enjoying lots of fun in the sun. That's how I felt spending two days there at the Southern California Writer's Convention booth. I got some quality time with the great Wes Albers and the sweetest savviest author I know, Sheri Fink. I even got to meet a few new people, including Kim G. Robinson, author of the new bestselling novel 'For Underdogs Only'. You can check out an interview I did with Scripts & Scribes to get a feel for the festival. Best part of all? Spying some particularly sneaky kids as they took heaping handfuls of Skittles. I really can't help but respect their initiative! 

I am so excited to announce my new Pinterest page! I just started so it has a lot of growing to do, but so far I absolutely love it Pinterest! It's so much fun. :)

This is your chance to step into each of the seven worlds... Well, I say each. Some will remain a mystery until more is revealed about them in the novels, and some will develop further as they develop in the story. So, keep an eye out and never stop adventuring from world to world!

Valerie Speaking at the SoCal Writer's Conference

See some footage from the Barnes & Noble Charity Book Fair! Students from 826LA read their poetry, Sheri Fink and Kythera of Anevern gave us some insight as to why reading is important to them, and even I said a word or two!

Barnes & Noble Charity Book Fair 

I love to meet other authors at conferences and share what I've learned with them. This February, I spoke at the Southern California Writers' Conference about connecting with readers visually. Come SEE my world :)

The Writing Well

Anne Wainscott featured me on her blog ​​The Writing Well! I am so excited and fortunate to be on this blog! ​Anne is a wordsmith dedicated to sharing insights on mastering the art of storytelling. I am sure you will find her blog as interesting as I do!​


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