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The grass is always greener on the other side... Right?

Emerald Drizzleweather Bogwater has an unfortunate name, unfortunate red hair, and an unfortunate tendency to rebel. When she escapes her small green village to see the world, she discovers something she wasn't bargaining for...a whole new one. Now she must solve the mystery of the Red World, before its dangers ensnare her forever.


'Into the Red World' book trailer

Sometimes trouble finds YOU.

Javier Jones never wanted to leave his comfy home, loving family, and blossoming career as a troublemaker. But when his town is attacked by a horde of outlaws, he must hitch a ride with a traveling circus and journey to the capital for help. Little does he know, the circus is up to more mischief than even he can manage, and it all centers around a mute jester-girl and her magical Green pyramid. Can Javier and his strange new companions put an end to a plot that could mean the downfall of all seven spectral worlds? 


'The Orange World Outlaw' book trailer

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